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摘要: Part I Listening Comprehension  Section A  1. C 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. C 10. C  Section B  11. B 12. A 13. A 14. C 15. B  Section C  16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B  Section ...

Part I Listening Comprehension
  Section A
  1. C 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. C 10. C
  Section B
  11. B 12. A 13. A 14. C 15. B
  Section C
  16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B
  Section D
  21. 912  22.12th  23. wealthy 24. a decline 25. unfriendly 26. fighting 27. battle 28. control 29. bulldog 30. punt
  Part II Multiple Choice
  Section A
  31. A 32. C 33. C 34. A 35. D 36. A 37. D 38. D 39. C 40. B
  Section B
  41. B 42. B 43. D 44. B 45. B
  Part III Reading Comprehension
  Section A
  46.【答案】 B
  【测试类型】 主旨题。
  【解题点拨】 本题在问:从前三段我们得知什么。回答本题依据文章第二段中的“there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide”,即从法规上讲,在医生帮助下的自杀是不合法的。因此得到答案。
  47. 【答案】 C
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 通过阅读发现备选答案提供的信息集中在文章前三段,这部分主要在说:尽管在医生帮助下的自杀是不合法的,但是最高法院认为只要医生的本意是为了减轻病人的痛苦,那么他们使用大剂量的镇痛药就是允许的。因此得到答案。
  48. 【答案】 B
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题依据文章第六段第二句话:It identifies the undertreatment of pain and the aggressive use of “ineffectual and forced medical procedures that may prolong and even dishonor the period of dying” as the twin problems of end-of-life care. 其中要充分理解短语the undertreatment of pain。
  49. 【答案】 A
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题考察考生根据上下文判断词义的能力。回答本题不仅要了解aggressive一词的基本意思,还要联系上下文。
  50. 【答案】 D
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题依据文章最后一段。本段提到Annas对大量的医生置病人的痛苦于不顾,无端地延长病人不必要的痛苦这种行为提出了批评,认为这种行为构成了“虐待病人”,并认为这样的医生应该予以吊销行医执照。因此得到答案。
  Section B
  51. 【答案】 N
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 通过题干中的关键词national standards和表示时间的词组by 1921,我们可以迅速于第二段开头第一句及第三句话找到相关细节:“……到1921年为止已铺设了387, 000英里的公路(paved roads)。…… 但除此之外,对公路大小、承重限制或商业标志等都没有全国统一的标准(Beyond  that, there were no national standards for size, weight restrictions, or commercial signs.)”,据此可判断出题干表述不正确。
  52. 【答案】 Y
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 从题干中的关键人名General Eisenhower以及broad German motorways,我们可锁定文中第二段的最后一句话为答案来源(... he noted, “The old convoy had started me thinking about good, two-lane highways, but Germany's Autobahn or motorway had made me see the wisdom of broader ribbons across the land.” 老的车队曾使我考虑过双车道高速公路的好处,但德国的公路使我认识到了更宽的马路的明智之处)。这里的broader ribbons是指与two-lane highway相比更宽的马路。题干中的make more sense与原文中的see the wisdom of broader相对应,因此本题选Y。
  53. 【答案】 Y
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 根据题干中的表示年份的信息词in the 1950s和national highway system,我们可在原文中找到相关细节,第三段第一句与第四段第一句。题干中的信息正是对此内容“The interstate highway system was finally launched in 1956”的同义转述(e.g. “interstate highway” means “national highway”; “finally launched” means “finally took action”; “in 1956” means “in the 1950s”),因此此表述正确。
  54. 【答案】 Y
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 由题干中的关键词geographical  features(地理特征),可定位于第四段第二、三句。文中指出“To  build  its 44,000-mile web of highways, bridges and tunnels, hundreds of unique engineering designs and solutions had to be worked out. Consider the many geographic features of the country: mountains, steep grades, wetlands, rivers, deserts, and plains. 要建设44,000 英里的公路网,必须制定出桥梁、隧道等上百种独特的工程设计与方案,同时还要考虑到国家的诸多地理特征……”,文中表述与题干相吻合,因此这句话正确。
  55. 【答案】 N
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 从题干中的关键信息短语the death rate on interstate highways我们可以确定第六段的最后一句话为答案出处。原文中指出,州际公路上的死亡率只是美国其他道路死亡率的一半(The death rate on highways is half that of all other U.S. roads),这与题干中的is still high than...相矛盾,由此可判断此句话错误。
  56. 【答案】 the U.S. with Canada and Mexico
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  57. 【答案】 the American economy
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  58. 【答案】 personal freedom of mobility
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题可参看倒数第三段最后一句“the interstate system provides individuals with what they cherish most: personal freedom of mobility”。题干与原文为同义转化(“what they cherish most” implies “the greatest benefit”),因此确定答案为personal freedom of mobility。
59. 【答案】 75 percent
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 此题通过关键词truck和deliver more than... 可找到原文倒数第二段第一句话:“The interstate system has been an essential element of the nation's economic growth in terms of shipping and job creation: more than 75 percent of the nation's freight deliveries arrive by truck. ……全国75%以上的货物是通过卡车运输的。”
  60. 【答案】 his vision and leadership
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 此题为原文中最后一段第二句话的同义转述,“The highway system was officially renamed for Eisenhower to honor his vision and leadership.”这里的to honor...与in recognition of...意义相近。
  Section C
  61. 【答案】 Reduction in supply. / Supply-cuts.
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题要依据文章第一段第二句话:Since OPEC agreed to supply-cuts in March, the price of crude oil has jumped to almost $26 a barrel, up from less than $10 last December.
  62. 【答案】 Double-digit inflation and global economic decline.
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题要依据文章第一段第四句话:Both previous shocks resulted in double-digit inflation and global economic decline. 其中both previous shocks指前文提到的1973年和1979到1980年间的oil shock。
  63. 【答案】 oil taxes rise
  【测试类型】 推理题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题要依据文章第三段第三句话:In Europe, taxes account for up to four-fifths of the retail price, so even quite big changes in the price of crude have a more muted effect on pump prices than in the past. 大意为:在欧洲,汽油的零售价中税占到五分之四,因此税的增加会导致汽油价格的(成比例)猛涨,而原油价格的变化带来的影响不会很大。
  64. 【答案】 energy conservation
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题要依据文章第四段第二句:Energy conservation, a shift to other fuels and a decline in the importance of heavy, energy-intensive industries have reduced oil consumption. 其中energy conservation, a shift to other fuels和a decline in the importance of heavy, energy-intensive industries为三个并列名词短语。
  65. 【答案】 less shocking  
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 回答本题要依据文章最后一段。这一段强调这次油价上涨与20世纪70年代的油价上涨不同,也就是没有70年代那一次那么可怕。
  Section D
  66. 【答案】 overcrowding
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题答案在文章第一段第五句话:This overcrowding will cause other problems - more crime, dirtier streets, and worse problems with traffic than we have now. 原文使用了主动语态,而题目所在句子使用了被动语态。
  67. 【答案】 urban areas
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题答案在文章第一段最后两句话:Because life will be hard, people who live in cities will worry more, and they may become sick. For these reasons, some say that nobody will want to live in urban areas.
  68. 【答案】 see no hope
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题答案在文章第二段最后一句话:These urban problems have been getting worse, not better, so many people see no hope for the future of the city.
  69. 【答案】 Stockholm
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题答案在文章最后一段第三句话:Some European cities, such as Stockholm, Sweden, or London, England, have planned communities that provide people with apartments, jobs, shopping centers, green space, entertainment, and transportation. 句中Stockholm与London为两个并列的城市,均为作者在提到欧洲城市时所举的例子。
  70. 【答案】 rebuild downtown areas
  【测试类型】 细节题。
  【解题点拨】 本题答案在文章最后一段倒数第三句:Many U. S. cities are rebuilding their downtown areas. 本段中作者举例说明很多城市已经找到方法解决城市存在的问题,美国城市即所举例子之一。回答本题时注意rebuild一词的时态。原文使用了它的进行时,但是考虑到答案不能超过三个词,因此回答问题时要将are rebuilding改为rebuild。
  Part IV Cloze
  Section A
  71. attend 72. greatly 73. admission 74. proportion 75. quarter
  Section B
  76. leading 77. appointment 78. wealth 79. further 80. extremely 81. Managing 82. combined 83. Prior 84. series 85. continued
  Part V Translation
  Section A
  86. 通常有很多人试图寻求最短的队列,这样就使得所有队列的长度大致相等。
  87. 总是有人在寻找这样的机会,就算机会真的出现了,它也会很快消失掉。
  88. 每天有成千上万的人在市场上搜寻可获利的内部消息,要是一条有关某股票的消息是确凿的,就会立即出现抢购该股票的热潮,同时该股票的价格也会攀升。
  89. 一定会有人第一个得到消息,有些人的洞察力比别人的敏锐。
  Section B
  90. The change of nationality does not mean the change of national feeling.
  91. The father's literary talent has a profound influence on his son.
  92. I decided to split the class into three groups and teach them in turn.
  Part VI IQ Test
  93. 15. 94. Second. 95. The word “and”. 96. One mile. 97. Mary's age is 16.
  Part VII Writing
  Task I
  Dear Mr. President,
  Please do allow me to apologize for imposing upon you. As Secretary General of University Student Union, I am writing to you to express our concern about the canteen service on our campus.
  We are considerably concerned about the pricing and quality of the foods, the dining environment, and the service of the staff. We think the foods served are too highly priced for full-time students, and they need be cheaper, and of more varieties and better quality. We also find the dining environment less than satisfactory with the noise from outside the dining hall and the stink from the kitchen sewage. Also, urgent measures need be taken about the flies in the dining hall. We also believe that the canteen staff should be given a workshop on how to perfect their professionalism.
  Please let me apologize again for having imposed upon you. A kind consideration of this letter will be highly appreciated, and I will feel greatly obliged if you could possibly privilege me with your kind feedback.
  Li Ming 
  Task II
  No matter how big one thing is, it is composed of numerous tiny component parts, and vise versa, no matter how small one thing is, it is always a component part of something larger. Although a drop of water or a grain of sand is negligible, however, innumerable of them can make up the vast ocean and land. Although we always tend to be neglectful of passing time of individual minutes, yet it is exactly what eternity of time is made of. That's also the case with our life. As the Chinese saying goes, “Do  not  fail  to  do  good even if it's small; do not engage in evil even if it's small.” The gradual quantitative accumulation of tiny ones combined can bring about substantial qualitative changes. Even the above heaven of Eden that seems impossible can be made come true on our earth so long as we contribute every little deeds or words of kindness and love. An integral whole consists of component parts and meanwhile consists in them. So never skip over the trivial matters and seek for the larger ones. In that case we can never make it.